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To run more than about ~1500 bot daily checks against our database or to get the code to put bot traps on your site(s), you first need to get an API Key.

Fill out the form below and an API Key will be mailed to you along with instructions on using it. It's easy, and we have code samples you can use to get started. Go here for the API documentation.

API Key - User Information
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Note: You don't need to create a new API Key for each domain. You can use the same key on as many domains as you want, but be aware that the daily limit will apply to all of them together as a total, not separately. The current daily limit with an API Key is 1500 free queries per day.

For example: You use the same key on 5 domains; one of them does 500 queries and one of them does 100 queries. That leaves the other domains with 900 queries to share. The API Key is not IP based, the IP address is only used to limit queries performed without an API Key.