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Welcome To BotScout

BotScout helps prevent automated web scripts, known as "bots", from registering on forums, polluting databases, spreading spam, and abusing forms on web sites. We do this by tracking the names, IPs, and email addresses that bots use and logging them as unique signatures for future reference. We also provide a simple yet powerful API that you can use to test forms when they're submitted on your site.

Stop The Bots

You can manually search our bot database to find bots in your forums, but you can also use a little bit of code in your forum, contact form, or other web application to test for bots and automatically ban or reject them on the spot. To make use of our database in your application, all you need to do is query it correctly. You can also download a list of the most recently-caught bots (shown below) from this URL: http://botscout.com/last_caught_cache.htm.

If you need to do more than about ~20 automated lookups a day you'll probably want to get a free API key so you can do as many as you need. We even provide some sample code that you can use in your forums, contact forms, mailing lists, and other parts of your site.

There are also anti-bot plugins available for popular forums and CMS applications, including SMF, VBulletin, phpBB, Phorum, PunBB, Invision Power Board, FUDForum, Ikonboard, W-Agora, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Who Uses BotScout?

We can provide secure form protection and bot-screening solutions for your group or organization too- please contact us to find out more!

Want To Help?

You can help make life harder for bots by submitting their information to our database. The more bot signatures we collect the more effective our filters become. Although we collect large numbers of bot signatures through our "bot honeypots", we can't catch them all. To submit bot data, all you need to do is get an API key.

You can also put a BotScout logo, button, or badge on your site to help let other people know about BotScout.

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Most Recently Banned Bots Unique Bot Signatures: 8,343,124
Bot Name Bot Email Bot IP From
cathy.rubbo27 cathy.rubbo27@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
elton-charley92 elton-charley92@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
indiracastle172908 catiekiua@yahoo.com
rosalinamccree rosalinamccree@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
ufiffucob emiviku@asdooeemail.com
coleenir69 kerrihq18@ritaemilia.webmailious.top
natalia.pie natalia.pie@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
becky.dudleylackingcoffee becky.dudleylackingcoffee@o2.pl
wilfredo-trudel wilfredo-trudel@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
aleksandra.karadjova aleksandra.karadjova@abv.bg
RichardTam m.assdoing8@gmail.com
JHutcheso holzmanaldis@yahoo.com
utanewbigin046059316 brunildapathakqjte@yahoo.com
colombe64474 colombe64474@a.crazymail.website
acaxduen acaxduen@asooemail.net
tiffanywillason tiffanywillason@mailcatch.com
VernSons44 suzannacyr8648@mailcatch.com
collette.lomas collette.lomas@mail1.freeinvestoradvice.com
middleton5 middleton5@mailer2.ga
samhagrluvr samhagrluvr@privatemitel.ml
samhagrluvr samhagrluvr@bestmailer.tk
zykovtovii1991 zykovtovii1991@rambler.ru
aveesydarky aveesydarky@gotmail.com
152393289 152393289@qq.com
fasongyoujian02 fasongyoujian02@126.com
maniuu maniuu@fastpochta.gq
shena shena@fastsent.gq
fordharrison1 fordharrison1@yandex.com
ManualDuke olarosilesqei@yahoo.com
MarciaPearson zykovtovii1991@rambler.ru
yhnfwjqfo yhnfwjqfo@likefollow.org
swpzjduok swpzjduok@likefollow.org
chica2 chica2@bag2.ga
drgrammer drgrammer@wwwoutmail.cf
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