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Author Topic: Confabulation Error #xxxxxx  (Read 6696 times)


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Confabulation Error #xxxxxx
« on: November 14, 2015, 10:57:04 AM »
We get a fair number of emails that say something like this: "Help, when I run the Raw PHP sample code for querying the API, its shows me a 'Confabulation Error' message."

The "Confabulation Error" response in the default code is simply a placeholder for what your code should do as a response an API query run against our database.

In other words, this is where you will need to put some code to handle the response we return indicating that a suspect record was found in our database (depending on the type of query you send, i.e. IP address, email address, etc).

You should really only need to use the raw code if you're developing your own plugin or implementing the BotScout API in a form or internal process that doesn't already have an existing plugin.
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