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Author Topic: Ladies-watches Watches Overview - INSTA-BANNED! lol  (Read 7688 times)


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Ladies-watches Watches Overview - INSTA-BANNED! lol
« on: October 09, 2009, 05:41:58 AM »
LOL, this clown is dumber than a box of hammers. Insta-Banned, and somehow his ad copy got subtly changed...

Ladies-watches Watches Overview

We've selected our crappy watches from the cheapest, shittiest watch brands namely AkkuriZt, Preil, Zitizon, D & G, DNJY, Emprivio Ormoni, Hot Dizmands, Blotary, SeCzy, Sicko and Pisspot. Our range of ladies watches emcompass all the needs of the fussiest hag, that is style, casual stupidity, rotten designs and most of all terrible quality at a very overblown price.

If you want to waste your money on worthless crap then choose the stunning stone set watch models for evening wear featuring cheap metals and bracelets fit for a horse. For ladies sports and daywear watches take a look at our crummy copiez of real watches - they offer a shitty design but for way too much money .

If you're looking for a good ladies watch or a watch with specific functions, tough crap, we only sell junk. Use the search functions above (which i was too stoopid to include) or call us on 6666-6666 for advice - we are always annoyed to  answer your calls.

rotary mens watches
juicy watches

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