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Author Topic: How Can You Remove Your Listing?  (Read 14491 times)


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How Can You Remove Your Listing?
« on: November 10, 2009, 10:35:34 AM »
We get these kinds of emails and requests all the time:

"Somebody has been repeatably and maliciously putting my record into your database even though I have never been a spammer or a bot."

It's very very unlikely that someone is maliciously submitting your email or IP to our database; that's not the way BotScout works.

More than likely, your PC is being used to spam or fill out web forms, probably by malware on your PC. That's just about the only way we can get your email and/or IP address. We don't accept user submitted records.

We also see this kind of request:
"Please remove my record again and let me know how I can remove it subsequently without having to ask you to do it again."

You can't remove the information without asking us, or every spammer in the world would do it. If we remove your record and you appear in the database again, guess what? YOUR PC IS PROBABLY INFECTED, that's what. So removing it would be a daily event for us, and a pointless one at that. Here's a better idea: run a deep scan of your PC, find the infection, and clean it. Then ask us to remove your record.
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